List of County Services

  1. Alerts

    Have announcements of important information (e.g., warnings of natural disasters) sent to you / your phone through email or text message.

  2. Citizen's Guide to Readiness

    Access resources that will help you in any emergency.

  3. WSU Whatcom County Extension

    Washington State University Extension is a part of county government that has important information on various subjects.

  4. County Boards & Commissions

    Volunteer boards, commissions and committees serve our community by advising policy makers and providing essential support to county programs and activities.

  5. County News

    Stay informed on Whatcom County news.

  6. Doing Business

    Be aware of important business resources online.

  7. Elections

    Find elections results and how to register to vote online.

  8. Emergency Management

    The Division of Emergency Management (DEM) is responsible for developing and maintaining a community infrastructure for emergency / disaster mitigation, planning, response, and recovery.

  1. Information Technology

    The Division of Information Technology manages computer systems, telecommunications, internet / intranet services, records management, and mail services.

  2. Maps & Directions

    Access different maps and directions to places in Whatcom County.

  3. Maps & GIS

    Gather information about geographic information systems (GIS) related to the county, data, and maps.

  4. Medical Examiner

    The Medical Examiner is a physician qualified to perform forensic investigations, authorized by Whatcom County, Washington, to investigate sudden unexpected, violent, suspicious, or unnatural deaths.

  5. Online Payments

    Make a payment online.

  6. Online Services

    Take a peek at various online services, such as jail bookings, license tab renewal, and more.

  7. Public Records Disclosure Information

    Learn what steps to take to access public records.

  8. Reports

    Peruse reports from Whatcom County.