Council Terms and Contact Information

Councilmember Terms

  • All County Council positions are non-partisan. The term of office for each position is 4 years.

Contact By Mail

  • Written correspondence, including email, is a public document possibly eligible for release. To send mail to all councilmembers, include 8 copies, one for each councilmember and one for the official record.

Contact By Phone

Contact By Email 

  • The Council Office cannot guarantee that all email messages are received and opened. If your correspondence is urgent, please hand deliver the document to the Council Office.
  • Email to the Council requires a specific subject.  To avoid computer viruses, the Council Office will not open email messages without a subject.
  • Email Councilmembers as a group or individually. Send a copy of your email to the Council email address so your comments are included in the official record.


Barbara Brenner                                                                               
Email and phone: 360-384-2762                                                        
Term expires: January 2020

Rud Browne                                                                                        
Email and phone: 360-820-9494
Term expires: January 2018
Barry Buchanan                                                                                  
Email and phone: 360-224-4330
Term expires: January 2018
Todd Donovan                                                                                     
Email and Phone: 360-483-8474 
Term expires: January 2020
Ken Mann                                                                                           
Email and Phone: 360-483-6020
Term expires: January 2018
Satpal Sidhu                                                                                       
Email and Phone: 360-305-4948                                                            
Term expires: January 2020

Carl Weimer                                                                                        
Email and Phone: 360-384-5919 
Term expires: January 2018

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