Superior Court Judges & Judicial Assistants

Each Judge has a Judicial Assistant who manages their caseload, maintains order in the courtroom, supervises jurors, and coordinates the courtroom activities. Court Reporters are assigned to each department to maintain shorthand notes of hearings before the Judge. If a verbatim report of proceedings is required, it must be requested from the court reporter that was present.
 Remember: All Judge's confirmations are to be made
through the correct department HERE

Judge's Copies, Orders, & Correspondence ONLY should be mailed to:
P.O. Box 1144
Bellingham, WA 98227

Ira J. Uhrig, Judge

Department 1

Deborra E. Garrett, Presiding Judge

Department 2

Judicial Assistant
Marsha Scevers 
(360) 778-5613

  Email Correspondence ONLY
Court Reporter
Laura Parker
(360) 778-5609
Judicial Assistant
Christy Martin
(360) 778-5632

  Email Correspondence ONLY
Court Reporter
Wendy Raymond
(360) 778-5610

Charles R. Snyder, Judge
Department 3

Raquel Montoya-Lewis, Judge
Department 4

Judicial Assistant
  Brooke Anderson
(360) 778-5604

   Email  Correspondence ONLY
Court Reporter
Rhonda Jensen
(360) 778-5608
Judicial Assistant
Terri Neil
(360) 778-5634

  Email Correspondence ONLY
Court Reporter
All hearings video recorded

(See WCCR 47.1)