Bureau of Custody and Corrections Services

The Corrections Bureau operates the Whatcom County Jail and the Interim Work Center. The jail is a maximum-security facility responsible for the incarceration of approximately 245 prisoners daily.  The Interim Work Center averages 130 minimum or low-medium custody and alternative corrections inmates.  An average of 30 inmates a day are serving time on Electronic Home Detention.
Correction Deputies oversee the day to day operation of the jail including:
  • Booking
  • Population control
  • Meals
  • Medical care
  • Prisoner transports
  • Court security and appearances
The Corrections Bureau also oversees part of a state wide transport chain that links the various jails and detention facilities. Corrections Deputies make daily trips to Skagit, and Snohomish County jails.

The Corrections Bureau is also responsible for facilitating alternative sentencing programs. Currently, the jail implements programs such as home detention, work crew and work release as alternatives to incarceration.
The Interim Work Center is installing a much anticipated new video visitation system.  Friends and family will be able to visit in the lobby as before, but will now be able to use a fee based system to visit from the comfort of their own homes.

Visiting times will be expanding so that more inmates can visit at the same time and to allow greater access to loved ones.  Check the Inmate Visitation page to verify when visiting is available.