Incident Hotline

Incident Hotline - Friday May 24, 2019                      CHECK OUT OUR NEW EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT BLOG!

Advisories, Watches and Warnings:

There are no advisories, watches, or warnings for our area at this time.

.Birch Bay Drive Remains Impacted:

  1. Birch Bay Drive north of Harborview suffered significant damage in December and Whatcom County Public Works has opened one lane northbound only between Harborview and Shintaffer with a 10 miles per hour speed limit. Southbound traffic from Birch Bay Village and Birch Point must use Shintaffer to Lincoln / Anderson roads for ingress and egress. Persons driving South from Shintaffer to Harborview may be subject to citation and a fine.
  2. Birch Bay Drive south of Harborview - The shoulders remain closed due to damage and debris. Pedestrians and bicyclists should use caution in this area until cleanup is complete.

Whatcom County Weather:

There will be a chance for showers across the county today and tomorrow. High temperatures will be in the lower 60s and low 50s in the upper elevations. Lows tonight will get to the low 50s for areas west of the foothills and the 40s in the upper elevations. Winds won’t be much of a problem today as they will be from west or southwest in the 7-12 mph range. Blaine however, could see some higher wind gusts later getting to 24 mph. Sumas could see some stronger gusts tomorrow night as well near 20mph. For Sunday we could see some sun along the coast but lingering showers could remain in the upper elevations. Temperatures will warm up on Sunday to the low to mid 70s. And, it looks like next week will start off with mostly sunny skies.

The Nooksack River level will remain about where it is for the next five days; you could see a little bit of an increase over the next 24 hours due to the showers but it won’t be much and it will cause no problems.

Coastal Weather for Lummi Nation, Birch Bay, Lummi Island, Strait of Georgia, Pt. Roberts, Bellingham, and Blaine 

For Coastal Whatcom County, winds today will be mostly from the southwest in the 5-15 knot range shifting more to the south tonight but still in the 5-15 knot range and increasing to 10-20 knots after midnight; wind waves will be one to three feet.   Tomorrow winds will shift to the northwest and drop a little in velocity to the 5-15 knot range and wind waves will be two feet or less.  On Sunday, the forecast is for light winds and wind waves less than one foot.

 High tide today at Cherry Point will occur at 11:57pm tonight and it will be 9.2’. Saturday will not see a high tide, just a gradual outflow.  On Sunday, May 26th will see a 9.0’ tide at 12:41 am and another small tide at 10:05am of 5.2’. For Monday, May 27th the first high tide will occur at 1:20 am and it will be 8.9’ with a small second one at 12:15pm of 4.9’.  Tuesday will see a high tide at 1:54am of 8.7' and another at 2:02pm of 5.0'.

 Emergency Preparedness

May is Volcano Preparedness Month!

The active Cascade volcanoes that make our state so beautiful could erupt sometime in the future. How can you prepare for a volcanic eruption? How will you react if one of Washington’s volcanoes erupts?

Volcano preparedness month is a time to inform yourself about volcanic hazards and to make a plan to keep you and your family safe in case of a volcanic eruption or lahar (volcanic mudflow). You can learn more by linking to our Emergency Management Blog.....

Here are a few final thoughts:  

First, today kicks off the Memorial Day weekend and it is expected to be a heavy travel day so there will be lots of traffic.  If you’re planning on using the ferry system to get somewhere, long waits should be anticipated unless you’re walking onboard.

Second, the “Ski to Sea” Race is this Sunday so you should expect increased delays along Mount Baker highway and in the Fairhaven area due to racers and spectators.  There are other activities surrounding that event as well.

Third, Lummi Island has raised the fire level to moderate on the island which means permits are required for certain fires.  Please see the website for further information; it is

 And fourth, vegetation is growing very rapidly at this time which provides a lot of cover for animals along the side of the road.  They can appear with little or no warning.  The best advice is “slow down.”

 Remember, think safety and be prepared!  This hotline will not be updated until Tuesday unless an incident occurs.  

Contact: Wallace Kost, 360.778.7165, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management