Routine Water Quality Monitoring Results

Whatcom County Public Works coordinates a routine water quality monitoring program at a fixed-network of approximately 90 sites in County watersheds that discharge to marine waters. Samples are collected at least monthly and analyzed for fecal coliform bacteria. The data are used to prioritize drainages for water quality improvement programs and to characterize general patterns in declining and improving water quality. Additional sampling is conducted in focus areas where elevated fecal coliform levels have been seen consistently and water quality improvement programs are being implemented.   

Routine Monitoring Locations:

 Watershed  Number of Sites  Sampling Frequency
 Drayton Harbor  30 freshwater, 14 marine  Monthly
 Nooksack River (Portage Bay)  19 freshwater, 12 marine  Bi-monthly
 Birch Bay/Terrell Creek  29 freshwater, 9 marine  Monthly/Bi-monthly
 Chuckanut  7 freshwater, 5 marine  Bi-monthly
  *Locations and frequency of sampling may fluctuate throughout the year. 

Current Routine Water Quality Sampling Results (updated monthly):


See map above for watershed delineations.