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Meeting Information Prior to 2019

Meeting information prior to 2019 is not in a single, searchable database. It is presented in various forms and can be accessed with the links below. This can also be accessed via the Meetings Prior to 2019 tab at the top of the Legislative Information Center. If you need assistance with finding what you need, call the Council office at 360-778-5010.

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Agendas  2013-2018  2002-2012                                         
Agenda Packets  2006-2018
*See Instructions below 
Action Taken  2013-2018  2002-2012 
Council and Committee Audio  2011-2018 *See instructions below 
Council Video  2013-2018 Whatcom County YouTube Chanel 
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Council and Committee audio from 2011 to last year has been saved in the Washington State Digital Archive and is searchable by content.
To search for or within audio recordings, first choose the following from the drop-down boxes:
  • Record Series: Audio Recordings
  • County: Whatcom
  • Title: Whatcom County Council Audio Recorded Meetings
You can filter or search by 
  • Meeting body
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  • Year(s)
Once results have come up, you can either just play an audio recording or click on the key word links to the right of the recording (if you added a key word search).

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Council and Committee packets have been saved in the Washington State Digital Archive and are searchable by meeting date.
To search for agenda packets from 2006-2018 choose the following from the drop-down boxes:
  • Record Series: Minutes and Meeting Records
  • County: Whatcom
  • Title: Whatcom County Council Meeting Mintues, 1979 to 2018
You can filter your search by year or
If you want to find packet materials by key word, enter the word(s) in the key word field
  • This brings up both minutes and packets that match the search. The key words are not highlighted so the most efficient way to find what you are looking for is to look at the minutes that come up in the search results. Once you find a meeting date you can narrow your search for just that date in the date fields above the search results.