Economic Development Investment Board

  • On an as needed basis.  Meetings are requested by the County Executive
The Economic Development Investment (EDI) Board has 13 members.

  • 1 member from each of the following, appointed by the County Executive:
    • Agricultural community
    • Fishing community
    • Timber community
  • 1 representative each from:
    • Bellingham/Whatcom County Chamber of Commerce
    • Northwest Economic Council
    • Port of Bellingham
    • Public Utility District
  • 2 mayors of small cities, designated by the Small Cities Caucus
  • At-large appointee, by County Executive
  • Chair of the County Council
  • County Executive (Board Chairperson)
  • Mayor of Bellingham
Term Limit - Not subject to

     Current Membership Roster

The EDI Board was created to make recommendations to the Whatcom County Council to invest in economic development and public facilities, consistent with RCW 82.14.370, that further the goals for promoting the ongoing operation of business in Whatcom County:
  1. Increase number of family wage jobs available to the citizens of the county
  2. Retain existing businesses within the county
  3. Facilitate the expansion of existing businesses
  4. Attract new business to Whatcom County
  5. Sustain the EDI program through repayment of EDI loans
Date of Formation
  • May 16, 2000
Additional Information