Parks & Recreation Commission

The Parks & Recreation Commission currently has 1 vacancy. 

The Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the County Executive and the Parks & Recreation Department on issues related to county parks and recreation.  Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month.   For more information visit:
The purpose of the Whatcom County Parks & Recreation Commission is to advise the Parks & Recreation Director on parks, recreation, and senior services issues. The commission provides recommendations in the development and review of acquisitions, plans, programs, policies and funding for parks and open space.  The Commission serves as a liaison between the County and citizens and works to promote parks, recreation and senior services programs. 

Current Commission Members

Paul Woodcock, Chair

Jeffrey Margolis, Vice Chair
Kenneth Kiesner
Susan McClendon
Richard C. Sturgill
Theresa Sygitowicz

    See the Vacancies List

Term Limit
Two Consecutive Full Terms

Term Length
Four Years

Date of Formation
January 1, 1993

    RCW 36.68.030, WCC 2.29.05