River & Flood

  1. Comprehensive Planning

    We work to identify flooding problems and provide recommendations for achieving long-term flood hazard reduction strategies.

  2. Early Flood Warning

    River and Flood Staff work with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to maintain a network of early flood warning stations to help citizens prepare and take appropriate measures to protect lives and property from flood damages.

  3. Flood Hazard Reduction Program

    Under this program, River and Flood implements projects to reduce future flood damages and public expenditures to repair damaged areas.

  4. Flood Preparedness & Initial Response

    River and Flood Division works closely with the county's Division of Emergency Management (DEM) to plan for and implement a coordinated response during flood events to ensure public safety and minimize flood damages.

  5. Forecasting Data

    Find resources for forecasting precipitation and streamflows.

  6. National Flood Insurance Program

    Whatcom County participates in the Congress-initiated National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) of 1968, to make affordable flood insurance available to citizens of communities that adopt approved flood management regulations.

  7. Repair & Maintenance Program

    The Flood Control Repair and Maintenance Program addresses problem areas with rivers, streams, and coastlines of Whatcom County, and mitigates future flood damages in a proactive and cost-effective manner.

  8. Technical Assistance

    Our engineers and engineering technicians provide technical assistance regarding drainage and flood issues to private citizens and businesses located along the many water bodies within Whatcom County.

  9. Weather Links

    Find useful links to various sources of weather information.

  10. Current/Recent River & Flood Projects

    Projects that are actively being worked on by the River & Flood Division.