Surface Mining Advisory Committee


The committee is currently on hiatus and future meetings will be scheduled as needed.


◦George Boggs, Conservation District delegate
◦Scott Hulse, Civil or Geo-technical Engineer
◦Kyle Strengholt, Surface Mining Material User
◦Lynni Bennett, Geologist
◦Leslie Dempsey, Citizen living in close proximity to active mining or mineral overlay area
◦Brad Davis, Surface Mining Industry
◦Steve Cowden, Surface Mining Industry
◦Christopher Secrist, Forestry Industry
◦Leaf Schumann, Representative of Drinking Water Supply
◦Vacant, Ecologist
◦Dan McShane, Environmental Consultant


See the Vacancies List

Term Limit 

  • 2 full terms
    • 1 year separation required before commencing another 2 full terms

Term Length

  • 4 years


The Surface Mining Advisory Committee has 15 positions filled by the following:
  • Citizen who lives in close proximity to active mining or mineral overlay areas
  • Civil or Geo-technical engineer with no direct or indirect financial business ties to the industry
  • Ecologist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Geologist
  • Members of the surface mining industry (2 positions)
  • Representative of potable groundwater supply (preferably a public water system representative or private well owner),
  • Representative of the Conservation District
  • Someone with experience in and/or knowledge of forestry


The Surface Mining Advisory Committee advises the Whatcom County Planning and Development Services Department and the Whatcom County Council on implementing a surface mining regulatory program consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. The Committee will address the action items of the mineral resource element of the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan.


  • Whatcom County Code 2.120