Plan Approval

Farm Impact
Low impact farm plans, or Standardized Farm Plans, can be developed by the farm operator, consultant, or the Conservation District.

Moderate impact farm plans are customized and must be completed by the Conservation District or a consultant.

Read a packet of tips for land and water management tips (PDF).

Application & Approval Steps
  1. Determine Eligibility - Are you a low-impact farm operator? Are there ongoing agricultural activities on your farm? Do your operation impact Critical Area Buffers?
    • Low impact farm is less than 1 animal unit per 1 acre of grazable pasture (includes hay and pasture land)
    • 1 animal unit ranges from 1.2 au for a beef cow or mature horse to .2 au for sheep (AU = 1,000 pounds live weight
  2. Conduct a critical areas assessment.
  3. Create a Farm Plan - Fill out the Standard Farm Checklist (PDF) and create a map, or contact the county Conservation Program on Agriculture Land (CPAL) Coordinator by calling 360-676-6907), a consultant, or the Conservation District to ask about technical assistance.
  4. Plan Approval (PDF) - Submission of the handbook worksheets, site map, and submittal form (PDF) constitutes a complete Farm Plan application. The county’s Technical Administrator will review these materials. If he / she finds the materials are adequate, then the plan will be approved and a copy of the Farm Map and Handbook will be returned to you. The county will collect and hold only summary information contained in the submittal form.
  5. Implementation - Apply best management practices in accordance with the approved farm plan.
  6. Monitoring - Implementation of best management practices according to those described in the approved farm plan will be reviewed once per year.