Food Recalls

Recall Information

Food recalls may be caused by illness outbreaks, product contamination, incorrect food allergen labeling, mislabeling or firm quality control problems. Recent recalls affecting food safety are posted on this webpage. For more complete information about product recalls, refer to the following links:

2017 Recalls Affecting Whatcom County

List of Recalls affecting Whatcom County
Recall Date Company Reason for Recall Product Name & Link to Recall
3-16-17 RBR Meat Company Inc Potential Listeria Contamination Frozen Pizza Recall
3-10-17 Soynut Butter Co Possible E coli Contamination Recall Expands to Dixie USA products
3-7-17 Soynut Butter Co Possible E coli Contamination All I.M. Healthy Soynut Butters & I.M. Healthy Granola Recall
3-7-17 Vulto Creamery Potential Listeria Contamination All soft, Wash-Rind Raw Milk Cheese Recall
3-3-17 I.M. Healthy Possible E coli contamination SoyNut Butter Recall
2-25-17 Manzana Products Co Potential presence of glass pieces Apple Sauce Recall
2-22-17 Ready Pac Foods Inc Potential Listeria Contamination Chicken Salad Products Recall
2-11-17 MDS Foods Inc Potential Bacteria contamination Multiple product Recall
2-10-17 Sargento Foods, Inc. Potential Listeria Contamination Multiple product Recall
2-8-17 PC Organics (CANADA) Potential for Clostridium Botulinum growth PC Organics Baby Food pouches Recall
1-13-17 Pictsweet Company Possible Glass fragments 12 oz Breaded Okra Recall
1-11-17 Tupperware US, Inc Possible Salmonella Contamination  Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Recall
1-9-17 Hostess Brands, LLC Possible Salmonella Contamination Limited Edition Holiday White Peppermint Hostess Twinkies
1-9-17 Palmer Candy Company Possible Salmonella Contamination Limited recall of select Candy Products
1-4-17 Dutch Valley Food Distributors, Inc Possible Salmonella Contamination Cappuccino Snack Mix Recall