Housing and Homeless Services Program


The Whatcom County Health Department has continued coordination with the community service providers, Opportunity Council’s Homeless Service Center and the Lighthouse Mission, to discuss any additional needs for homeless shelter during the upcoming extreme cold weather days. The Homeless Outreach Team continues to check on people who are unsheltered. To those individuals that are interested they are made aware of the Lighthouse Mission’s shelter space. For those individuals who are opting to sleep outdoors, the Homeless Outreach Team has worked to make sure those people have supplies needed to stay as warm as possible. 

Winter shelters are open and Additional beds have been activated

 The City of Bellingham has activated an emergency winter shelter plan to ensure that no one requesting help is turned away. The Lighthouse Mission Ministries (LMM), Fountain Community Church, and the City of Bellingham have activated this emergency overflow plan to open additional capacity in both an overnight shelter and day shelter.

Fountain Community Church has opened additional overnight shelter space at their church, and the City of Bellingham has made a meeting room available in the downtown library for the women staying at the shelter. This additional day center space at the library is managed by LMM and creates more space in the LMM Drop-In Center during the day. The City will remain in close communication with LMM, Fountain Community Church, and the Whatcom County Health Department to continually assess the need for these services as the situation changes.

The Drop-In Center on Holly Street remains open 24 hours per day and has capacity.Fountain Community Church has activated additional beds, so we anticipate we will continue to have open beds for those who seek them. The City will continue to have the library lecture room available during the day to women staying in the night shelter at Fountain Community Church.

LMM's trained staff and volunteers will continue to manage winter shelter operations, including check-in, through the Drop-In Center at 1013 W. Holly Street. For more information on the Lighthouse Mission Ministries overnight shelter and drop-in shelter, visit www.thelighthousemission.org/what-we-do/drop-in-center

About The Whatcom County Health Department Housing And Homeless Services Program

Stable housing is the foundation upon which people build and improve their lives.

The Human Services Housing Program provides opportunities in the community to create safe affordable housing. Together with public and private partners and with Whatcom County Coalition to End Homelessness, we work to reduce and ultimately end homelessness in our community.

The Housing Program manages state and federal contracts and local recording surcharge funds designated for affordable and homeless housing.  Our office does not provide direct housing assistance or services, however, we maintain a strong relationship with local providers within Whatcom County.


The work of the Housing Program:
  • Facilitates community-wide planning, participates in regional planning
  • Awards funds to organizations that directly assist people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless with housing and services
  • Updates and oversees implementation of the Plan to End Homelessness
  • Conducts annual Point in Time Count of homeless people
  • Acts as liaison to Department of Commerce
  • Represents the community as Continuum of Care lead
  • Provides housing and service related advocacy on behalf of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness


Performance Measures

Contracted housing partners receiving Consolidated Homeless Grant (CHG) funding through Whatcom County Health Department. Please access updated CHG Mandatory Performance Measures from the Washington State Department of Commerce specific to Whatcom County using the link below:

CHG Performance Measures (Whatcom County)

Department of Commerce Housing Website

Whatcom County Case Management Report Template

Whatcom County Emeregency Shelter and Transitional Housing Report Template

Whatcom County Permanent Supportive Housing Report Template


Housing Resources

If you're looking for a place to rent, click HERE for a list of local housing to try.  The Housing Search NW website also offers online listings for affordable housing in Whatcom County. If you are at risk of becoming homeless, please contact the Whatcom Homeless Service Center to learn more about available resources.

Documents and Partners

Plan to End Homelessness

Whatcom County Point in Time Count Reports

 City of Bellingham Housing and Human Services



Northwest Youth Serviceshttp://www.nwys.org/

Opportunity Council – basic needs


Whatcom Homeless Service Center