Are all employee eligible for FMLA?
No. You must have worked for Whatcom County a total of 12 months (need not be consecutive) and at least 1,250 hours in the 12 consecutive months.

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1. What is FMLA?
2. When can I take FMLA leave?
3. Are all employee eligible for FMLA?
4. If I have sick leave accruals, do I still need to complete an FMLA Leave Request form?
5. How do I request an FMLA leave?
6. Do I need to provide a Medical Certification to support my FMLA leave request?
7. Do I need to provide medical recertifications?
8. Who should I inform about changes during my leave and my plan to return to work?
9. Am I responsible for completing timesheets during my FMLA leave?
10. Do I need to use a different timesheet when I'm on FMLA leave?
11. Must I use accruals during my FMLA leave?
12. How will my benefits be affected during my FMLA leave?
13. If I am out on time loss for a workers' compensation claim, how does that work with FMLA?
14. Is my retirement affected by FMLA leave?
15. Will I qualify for any short-term disability benefits?
16. Do I need to provide a fitness-for-duty certification before I can return to work?
17. What assistance is available to me and/or my family during a health crisis affecting me or a loved one?
18. Do I need to provide an FMLA Medical Certification to qualify my FMLA leave request?
19. How do I add my newborn baby to my benefit plans?