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Tax Guides

Appealing Your Property Tax

Homeowner's Guide to Property Taxes

Open Space Taxation

Annual Tax Book

Washington Tax Structure


Tax Guides

Annual tax booklet - The Statement of Assessed Valuations, Tax Rates and Taxes Levied Within the Various Taxing Districts of Whatcom County.

Appealing Your Property Tax - Frequently asked questions regarding the property valuation appeal process in Whatcom County.

Homeowner´s Guide to Property Taxes - Definitions of real property, personal property, calculating your property taxes, how to pay, and how tax rates differ.

Open Space Taxation - Definitions of what lands qualify as open space land, the application process, timberland classification, tax issues, and transfers between classification and reclassification.

Guide to Washington Tax Structure - Explains property tax exemptions for seniors and disabled, eligibility, and how to apply.

More tax publications are available online at the Washington State Department of Revenue.