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Substance Abuse
Substance Abuse Prevention


Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs have a major impact on our society and are responsible for a great deal of devastation (see Figure 1). To combat the problems presented by alcohol and other drugs, the Substance Abuse Prevention Program is designed to provide strategies to reduce drug and alcohol use, misuse, and abuse, in turn promoting a healthier and safer community in which to live.

Prevention activities and programs, whether provided directly by the county prevention program or by subcontractors of Whatcom County Health Department, are designed to reduce risk factors. According to Developmental Research and Programs (1999), "risk factors are those conditions that increase the likelihood that a child will develop one or more behavior problems in adolescence." Similarly, protective factors assist in insulating individuals from the effects of risk factors.

                           Prevention Programs


2007-1013 Whatcom County Substance Abuse Prevention Strategic Plan
The 2007-2013 Whatcom County Substance Abuse Prevention Strategic Plan is part of a larger plan that addresses Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, and Aftercare (PITA).  This Prevention Plan or full PITA Plan is available in hard copy upon request.  This report outlines information gathered from community archival indicator data, school survey data, key informant sureys, and feedback from local service providers.

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