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Outdoor Burn Ban Information

There is a permanant burn ban in effect within certain city limits and urban growth areas (UGAs.) For a listing of all UGAs affected by the current outdoor burn ban, visit the Northwest Clean Air Agency website.

The Whatcom County Fire Marshal also maintains a website with more information on issues related to outdoor burning and burn bans, which can be found here.

Directions to find the burn ban status of a specific area in Whatcom County are listed under the Outdoor Burn Ban section. If you have questions regarding a UGA, call the Whatcom County Planning Department at 676-6907.

The maps below show the city limit and urban growth areas within the following towns. The maps are in the PDF format and require Acrobat to open. Burn bans are in effect within all city limit and UGA boundaries. These documents are PDF's and can be viewed using Acrobat Readercamp fire



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