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Service Company Center
Service Company Information

This information is intended for the use of professional service companies including tax services, mortgage companies, banks, or otherwise indicated as the taxpayer of record on behalf of individual property owners.

Check Taxes Online

The property taxes are searchable by parcel number or street address.  Each parcel will show basic property characteristics, current taxes, delinquent taxes and up-to-date penalty and interest calculations.  The data is refreshed daily.

Tax Roll Data

The Whatcom County Treasurer can provide current and delinquent tax roll files by email, or CD.  New tax year information is generally available after January 31, and delinquent files are available year round. Download tax roll file specifications.

The Whatcom County Treasurer will not provide tax roll data to any requester without a signed public record access form   If your company has a form on file, you do not need to complete a new form.

To request tax roll data, make a written request and enclose:

  • A check for the $350 annual tax roll fee payable to the Whatcom County Treasurer. This fee covers all your tax roll requests for the calendar year, not a per request fee.
  • A completed public record access form, if necessary.
  • A return shipping envelope and label, if necessary.

Mail request to:

Mark Bauthues

Whatcom County Treasurer's Office
311 Grand Ave, Suite 104
Bellingham, WA  98225                                                             

Electronic Payments

All tax services, mortgage companies, and banks must provide electronic payment data in the approved layout when the payment listing is more than 10 parcels.  Any manual listing in excess of 10 parcels will be subject to a $5 per parcel processing fee.
Download electronic payment specifications.

Payment must be received by the Treasurer on or before the due date, and must be accompanied by the data.  Data may be sent on CD, or by email to

Late payment charges may apply if the data sent is unreadable, such as a formatting error, OR if inaccurate information is provided, such as incorrect property id or geo parcel numbers.

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