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All County Council positions are non-partisan. The term of office for each position (District Map) is 4 years.

District 1
Rud Browne                                                                                        
Email and phone: 360-820-9494
Term expires January 2022

District 2
Todd Donovan                                                                                     
Email and Phone: 360-483-8474 
Term expires January 2022

District 3
Tyler Byrd
Email and Phone: 360-778-5021
Term expires January 2022

District 4
Kathy Kershner                                                                                
Email and phone: 360-220-7535                                                    
Term expires January 2024

District 5
Ben Elenbaas
Email and Phone: 360-778-5025
Term expires January 2024

At-Large, Position A
Barry Buchanan                                                                                  
Email and phone: 360-224-4330
Term expires January 2022

At-Large, Position B
Carol Frazey
Email and phone: 360-778-5024
Term expires January 2024

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