Tuberculosis Services

Whatcom County Health Department provides the following services in order to meet our goal of preventing tuberculosis (TB).
  • Provide medical treatment for persons diagnosed with active TB disease.
  • Identify persons who were exposed to an active TB case, test them for infection and treat them as needed to treat or prevent TB disease.
  • Screen high risk individuals for TB infection.
  • Conduct surveillance of disease trends.
  • Provide consultation and education to health care providers
  • Provide screening for newly arrived immigrants who require TB follow-up.

Tuberculosis Screening Test Sites
For tuberculosis testing for work or occupational reasons and for work reports contact:

  • Your healthcare provider
  • Whatcom Occupational Health (Bellingham) 360-676-1693
  • Whatcom Occupational Health (Ferndale) 360-393-4054
  • Infusion Solutions 360-933-4892

Whatcom County Health Department provides TB screening for those referred by their healthcare provider and for those entering a treatment program.