July 29, 2021

Governor Inslee is now recommending masks in public places even for fully vaccinated individuals.  

We encourage masking in public areas of County buildings and are awaiting further guidance from the State Department of Labor & Industries before changing signage or taking other steps.    

Individual department leaders continue to determine the rules that apply in non-public facing areas of their departments consistent with State guidelines. 

L&I Mask & Distancing Requirements 

Sample Vaccine Attestation Log

Responding to Exposures

Frequently Asked Questions

Checklist for Employers

Tips for Talking With Staff

When Can I Return to Work?

What to Do If a Worker Has COVID-19 or Is a Close Contact

If an employee has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or is a close contact of someone with COVID-19:

  • They need to stay home and not come to work. 
  • The department should consult and follow the Health Department's Checklist for Employers.
  • The department head should immediately notify Facilities (778-5360) if an employee with confirmed COVID-19 worked while contagious in the past 7 days.