Making Community Vaccine Center Appointments

Page last updated April 29, 2021 at 11:28 a.m.

Making Appointments Online

Watch this video for instructions on how to make an appointment (English): 

Watch this video for instructions on how to make an appointment (Spanish):

1.     Find the Community Vaccination Center on PrepMod.

PrepMod step by step (1)

  • Go to the WA DOH PrepMod site to check for available appointments.  

  • Click the blue “Find a clinic” button and then check “COVID-19 Vaccination” under “Which service(s) are you seeking?” on the next screen. Leave every other box in this section blank.

  • Type "Bellingham" in the Search by Name of Location box and click Search.

2.   Sign Up. Once you have found the Bellingham site, click the blue “Sign up for a COVID-19 Vaccination” button.

  • If there is no button available, all appointments for the vaccination clinic have been filled. 

  • If an appointment is available, schedule your shot. 

3.   Select your appointment time. You will be able to select an appointment time. This appointment time will be held for you for 15 minutes while you complete the scheduling process. 

4.   Waiting list: If there are no appointments left for the clinic, you can be added to a waiting list for that day. This list is only for extra doses for that day’s clinic. If there are extra doses at the end of the day, we’ll give you a call. This is not a waiting list for future appointments. 

5.   Fill out the personal information for the person who will be getting the shot. It is vital the information is entered correctly. All fields marked with a * (red star) are required. Please note that the insurance question is only for our information and insurance will not be billed for this vaccine. No administration fee will be charged at this site. We will not ask for your Social Security number. 

6.   Finish entering information. Work your way through the rest of the online scheduling system. It will ask you questions about your medical history and consent for vaccination. 

7.   Consent. You will be asked to provide consent for vaccination. By signing this form, you are giving permission for a vaccination to be given and a record of the vaccine to be entered into a database to monitor and control COVID-19. This information is kept in compliance with privacy laws.You are also agreeing that the information you provided is correct and that you understand the risks and benefits of getting the vaccine. 

8.   Review your information. If something is incorrect, you can edit by clicking the “BACK” button. Please note: as you fill out the pages, your information will be saved. 

9.   You will receive a confirmation email. This is how you know your appointment was received. 

10. You are registered for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment! Please show up to the BTC site no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Please wait in your car or six feet away from others until the time of your appointment. 

Making Appointments Over the Phone

If you don’t have internet access or an email address, or if you need assistance in a language other than English, you can call WCHD at 360-778-6075 or the DOH Vaccine Hotline at 1-800-525-0127.