Find Fido Scavenger Hunt

2022 Find Fido Search for the scooping stars April 30 to May 15 photo banner with dogs

What is "Find Fido"?

Find Fido is fun, community scavenger hunt to highlight the importance of scooping the poop with dog owners in our community! 

Why is picking up after your pet important? Picking up dog waste on walks and at home is the best way make sure we all stay healthy, and keep our parks, trails, and yards clean!  

For more information about "Find Fido" keep reading to learn when it is, why you should participate, how to participate, and what this year's prizes are.  

When is "Find Fido"?

Get outside, at your own speed, on your own schedule anytime from April 30th to May 15th.

Why should you "Find Fido"?

You can win some awesome prizes! Find at least three of the hidden Scooping Star posters located in local parks to be entered into the raffle prize drawing and there's a grand prize for the team that finds the most Scooping Star posters.  

How to  Participate?

1. Take the “Scoop the Poop” online pledge

Everyone who pledges gets a free gift! Already pledged? You can skip this step. If we don’t find your pledge, we will follow up with you through email. Note: If you live in Bellingham city limits, take the City’s pledge. 

2. “Find Fido” in at least three of the twelve mystery locations throughout Whatcom County:  

There are twelve clues that will help you to “Find Fido” in a local park where our scooping stars like to spend time. Visit the location to find the hidden Scooping Star poster with a secret code and complete an entry for each location.   

To complete an entry for each location:

  • Find the hidden Scooping Star poster with a secret code, 
  • Scan the QR code on the poster (using the camera on your smartphone) to submit: 
    1. The Scooping Star’s secret code,
    2. Your name and contact information, and
    3. An optional photo.
  • Please note: if accessibility issues or limited mobility are a barrier for you to 'Find Fido' at any of the sites, contact us and our program will work with you to get an entry for that location. 

Don't have a smartphone or service in the park? Email us with your name, phone number, and the secret code.

Your name will be placed into the raffle once we receive your pledge and you complete an entry for three locations. Two raffle prize winners will randomly be selected after the conclusion of the event! 

There will be a grand prize the team that find the most mysterious locations. In the case of a tie, the grand prize winner will be drawn.

Winners will be contacted by email. Participation information can also be downloaded.

See a few of our Scooping Stars below and join the event Facebook so you don't miss out on any scavenger hunt hints and updates!

What's in the prize packs?

Raffle Prize Pack

prize pack - odor proof pack out bag, collar light, bags and holder for leash

Raffle Prize Pack (2 Winners)

  • An odor-proof, durable, re-useable, bag carrier.
  • A rechargeable collar light.
  • A bag dispenser and 15 refill bags.

Grand Prize Pack (1 Winner)

  • An odor-proof, durable, re-useable, bag carrier.
  • A rechargeable collar light.
  • A bag dispenser and 15 refill bags.


  • A collapsible travel bowl.
  • A yard scooper for picking up at home.

Grand Prize Pack

prize pack: collar light, yard scooper, collapsible bowl, odor proof pack out bag, bags & leash clip

Check out some of our Scooping Stars

Small dog standing on a rock
Dog sitting in front of a lake with a mountain in the background
bulldog walking on a beach
Clues: Click Here
Clue Sheet (Final)

For questions or additional information contact us by email at or by phone at (360) 778-6230

Thank you to our 2022 event partners!

Whatcom Conservation District, City of Bellingham, City of Ferndale, City of Lynden, Port of Bellingham, Birch Bay State Park, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Whatcom County, Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition 

This project has been funded wholly or in part by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under assistance agreement PC-01J18001-6 to the Washington State Department of Health. The contents of this document do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Environmental Protection Agency, nor does mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.