Hovander Park Flood Restoration

2021 November 19th Flood Tennant Lake

Updated 5/26/2022


During the November 2021 flood events significant damage was caused to Hovander Homestead Park including damage to roads, trails, parking lots, playgrounds, fencing, grounds, turf, utilities, and buildings. As a result, the park is currently closed to the public.


Hovander Park and Fragrance Garden are now open to the public. This includes all parking areas and restrooms. The Boardwalk Trail at Tennant Lake, the Tennant Lake Interpretive Center, and the playgrounds remain closed. Restoration work continues throughout the park.


Work will progress as funding and conditions allow. Full opening of the park is anticipated by mid May, but a phase opening may be implemented as work is completed. 

Press Release - 2/8/2022 

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Press Release - 5/26/2022

Tennant Lake

The boardwalk at Tennant Lake has reopened. However a small section of the trail remains closed near the furthest lookout. Please do not attempt to pass trail blockades. If you make plans to walk the trail, remember that it will be an out and back adventure because you cannot complete the loop. Repairing the Boardwalk Trail is a coordinated effort with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and repair work is ongoing.

The Tennant Lake Interpretive Center received extensive interior damage and will likely be closed to reservations through the end of the year.