Addressing & Road Naming

Addressing and Road Naming
Provides a service to county residents, emergency response units, and delivery services.
Accurate numbering and naming of streets 
Ensures Fire Departments, delivery drivers, residents, and visitors easy access to locations of each business and residence within the county.
Road Name or Address Assignments & Corrections
  • Over 1,300 road name or address assignments/ corrections occur annually. 
  • Each home and business fits into an address grid that identifies its particular house number.
  • Provides Correct, Logical & Identifiable Addressing
    • This unit primarily associates with private citizens and commercial businesses as well as emergency response services.
    • Provides correct, logical, and identifiable addressing throughout the county.
    • Eliminates duplicate addresses to minimize emergency response times.
    • Whatcom County Fire Code requires clearly posted and readable house numbers for emergency vehicle access.