Flood Hazard Reduction Program

Property on Marine Drive that experienced repetitive flooding before and after acquisition project.

Flood Hazard Reduction Program Goals

  • Implement projects that reduce future flood damages
  • Minimize expenditures to repair damaged areas
  • Characterize flood problems
  • Evaluate alternatives to solve problems

Flood Hazard Reduction Program Project Examples

  • Construction of setback levees and overflow spillways
  • Designation of overflow corridors in over-bank areas
  • Acquisition of properties with repetitive flooding

Flood Hazard Reduction Project Benefits

  • Problems are not transferred to another location within the basin. 
  • Project implementation will result in long-term reduction in flood damages.
  • Reduction in public expenditures throughout the basin.

Floodplains by Design Program Goals

  • Reduce flood hazards
  • Improve habitat 
  • Increase the resiliency of our rural communities
  • Support a viable agricultural economy  

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