Repair & Maintenance Program

Preemptive Maintenance

Weather conditions in Whatcom County often destabilize natural systems of rivers, streams, and coastlines.
  • Levees and bank protection projects are damaged.
  • Flood damages and the cost of repairs to infrastructure can increase dramatically if left unchecked.
  • Whatcom County Public Works Department administers the Flood Control Repair and Maintenance Program.
  • Future flood damages are mitigated in a proactive and cost-effective manner.
  • The photos at right demonstrate the bioengineered bank stabilization project on the Nooksack River near Ferndale.

Prioritizing Projects

  • The program includes cost-sharing with local sponsors.
  • Local sponsors are diking districts, sub-flood control zones, drainage districts, or property owners.
  • Project applications are solicited once a year and are prioritized by subcommittee of the Flood Control Zone District Advisory Committee.
  • The subcommittee evaluates risks, benefits, and costs of a project.
  • Those directly benefiting from the project must show evidence of efforts previously taken.

Bank Stabilization

Bank Stabalization
Two Years After Construction
South Fork of the Nooksack River - Bank Stabilization Project
Construction of upstream hard point for cedar tree revetment
Cedar tree revetment
Bank stabilized with cedar tree revetment provides significant fish habitat
Bank Stabilized