Poisonous Plants of Whatcom County
Are you wondering about some of the plants lurking out in your pastures? Some of them could be toxic to your animals. Some are toxic to people too. Livestock-Poisoning Plants of Whatcom County Pastures (PDF) in its 3rd printing is available for free from the Noxious Weed Program. This booklet identifies 13 commonly found toxic plants in Whatcom County, their toxicity levels, which parts are poisonous and which animals are susceptible.

There is also a list of landscape plants you should avoid planting near your pastures. Call the office at 360-778-6234 if you would like to receive a free hard copy.
Livestock Poisoning Plants of Whatcom County Pastures

Garden Wise

If you would like some suggested alternative plants to those botanical bullies, a booklet titled Garden Wise: Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden is available for free at the Weed Board office 360-778-6234.

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