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1. Who inspects restaurants, taverns, and grocery stores and how often are they inspected?
2. Who inspects processing plants and places that sell foods wholesale?
3. If I have a complaint about a food establishment who can I call?
4. What should I do if I think a meal I ate made me sick?
5. What is the best thing I can do to prevent food-borne illness at home?
6. Should I prepare food for others when I am ill?
7. Who needs to get a food worker card?
8. Do I need a permit to operate a restaurant, grocery store, tavern or similar facility?
9. I just bought a food establishment business, what permits do I need from the Health Department?
10. I am planning to open a restaurant or other food establishment in Whatcom County, what should I do first?
11. What permits do I need to sell food at a fair, festival, or community event?
12. I have heard the last meal I ate is what caused my foodborne illness (food poisoning), is this true?