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Web Accessibility Reporting Form

  1. Web Accessibility Form

    Please use the form below to report any page on the Whatcom County website that is inaccessible.  Your message will be sent to the webmaster and the accessibility coordinators.  

  2. Please supply a way to contact you. Email preferred.  

  3. Please provide the URL of the page you are reporting.  

  4. Please describe the problem you encountered in using our website.  

  5. Please provide the Operating System and version  used on the device when accessing our website.  Example Mac OS 11.4, Windows 10, etc. 

  6. Please provide the browser and version used in accessing the page if known.  Examples:  Chrome, Safari

  7. If you are using a mobile device, rather than a desktop computer, please indicate the model if known.   Example iPhone X, iPad Pro, Samsung 8

  8. Please list and describe any assistive technology, including software, that you use to access this page.

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