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Goal Setting Dep 201 Post Survey

  1. What was the most useful part of this class? *

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  2. What was the least helpful part of class? *

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  3. Was the amount of time allotted for this class?*

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  4. Were the resources offered or discussed specific to your needs?*
  5. Were you given those resources today before you left class?*
  6. Did you find the teacher of this class engaging?*
  7. Did you set any goals for yourself as a result of taking this class?*
  8. Was the SMART goal setting worksheet helpful?*
  9. Was the Goal Tracker worksheet helpful?*
  10. Did you find the time management tips helpful?*
  11. How likely or unlikely are you to set SMART goals as a result of this class?*
  12. How likely or unlikely are you to use the Goal Tracker worksheet in your daily life?*
  13. Which worksheet did you find to be most helpful?*

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