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1. How do I start the process of applying for a residential building permit?
2. Is there a minimum size requirement for a single family residence (SFR)?
3. Where do I apply for an electrical permit?
4. How do I apply for a mechanical permit?
5. Is a permit required for tearing down a structure on my property?
6. Whom do I contact about asbestos removal?
7. How do I find out if an existing structure has a building permit?
8. If I buy a piece of property and find out that the previous owner did work without permits, what do I do?
9. How do I apply for a residential building permit?
10. When applying for a permit to build a single family residence (SFR), is there a minimum square foot size requirement for the SFR?
11. How long is a residential building permit good for?
12. How do I determine the residential building permit fees?
13. Are inspections required after permits have been obtained for residential projects?
14. How and when do I call for a building inspection?
15. What types of building inspections do I need to request?
16. Do I have to be present when the inspector arrives?
17. Who do I contact if I have questions about building codes?
18. When can I "occupy" or use my house / structure?
19. What projects are exempt from the permitting / review process?
20. Do I need a permit to build a storage shed or deck?
21. How do I verify if a contractor is licensed?
22. Where can I learn more information on Green Building?